Moving truck rental in Chicago

We are licensed, seasoned and highly skilled movers who can be of great assistance with the organization and execution of your upcoming commercial or residential relocation in Chicago. We opened our moving firm several years ago and since then we have become a reference for quality due to the fact that we work in full accordance with the highest international standards of the relocation industry. To us it doesn’t matter whether we have to handle your entire move from start to end or provide you a standalone service which will facilitate and speed up the completing of your property relocation.

Best moving truck rentals in Chicago

One of our most praised and sought after standalone options is our moving truck rental service. We own a huge fleet of vehicles which we clean after the completion of each relocation project. Keep in mind that our trucks range in size and payload which means that we can solve your transportation conundrums regardless whether you are facing a large or small scale domestic or business move in Chicago. Furthermore our vehicles are fully approved and certified by the local authorities and therefore can be used for long distance and interstate relocations and delivery jobs.

To date we have never missed a deadline and this is mainly because of our properly fitted moving trucks. All our vehicles are equipped with the latest and most accurate navigational systems. It is because of this that we are able to easily find any address within the city and state and more importantly to avoid closed and jammed roads. So, don’t worry about driving and navigating through the stress of Chicago as we have taken all the necessary measures to facilitate the task for you.

Fully secured cargo sections

The cargo sections of our trucks are fitted with specialized high resistance straps which:

  • Keep the moved items in place
  • Prevent the hauled goods from falling during transit
  • Stop the transported objects from bumping into one another

Safe moving trucks in ChicagoWe from Hulk Movers  also have the habit of stocking our vehicles with additional shielding products such as cushioned pads, furniture covers, packing peanuts and bubble wrap, so that you can add a supplementary layer of protection to your larger and more delicate belongings. Now that each truck is fully restocked after the execution of each property relocation in Chicago.

We work with reasonable rental fees because we want our clients to feel comfortable about coming to us and don’t worry that their moving budget may to be small for them to afford our assistance. You can see in advance how much renting one of our trucks will cost by requesting a free quote. Keep in mind that our quotes are final which means that there won’t be any hidden taxes once your return the vehicle.

Our moving company is seated in Chicago in the state of Illinois. The city is one of America’s hottest tourist hotspots and this mainly due to the numerous world famous skyscrapers, landmarks, monuments and park which are located in Chicago. The city is also home to several legendary sports teams such as the White Sox and Cubs both in the MLB (Major League Baseball), the Bear in NFL (National Football League), Bulls in the NBA (National Basketball Association), Fire in the MLS (Major League Soccer) and Blackhawks in the NHL (National Hockey League). Among them they have won a total of 28 national championships which makes Chicago one of the most successful American cities in terms of sports. The city is also the birther of numerous high profile sportsmen such as Andre Dawson, Derrick Rose, Mike Ditka, Chris Chelios and more.