How to organize a garage sale when moving

Garage sale

If you are moving, you know you will need all the extra cash you can get. Organizing a garage sale is an excellent way to make some money and declutter. You will also save money because moving unnecessary items is costly. The less things you move, the less the movers will charge. Nevertheless, this is your unique opportunity to get rid of unwanted items you haven’t used for years, items that only take up your space. Therefore, organize a garage sale.

Here are few tips on how to do it.

Weekend is the best time

Weekend is usually best for organizing a garage sale. Most people are at home at this time, so when notifying people about the sale, include the sale hours and expect people to come at any time.

Make proper preparations

Before your garage sale, make sure you have enough shopping bags and cartoon boxes for your customers to take their items with them. Start saving these early, and also prepare packing paper or newspaper to wrap fragile items.

Advertise your garage sale

Garage saleIn order to have a successful and fruitful sale, you need to get the word out. The more people know, the more people will come and probably buy stuff. When making an advertisement, include your address, date and time. You can also include a list of few items that are for sale. Don’t forget to include your phone number so that people who want to find out more can contact you. But, there is no need to put too many words in your ad. Not only it is unnecessary, but it will cost you more. Run your ad online on different social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and other, and Craigslist. You can also run it in the local newspaper. People still read newspaper.

Choose spacious location

When organizing a garage sale, you need to choose a location that is spacious enough to take all your visitors. But before you make any move, check with the local authorities because some spaces cannot be used for such purposes. Also, ensure that you have enough of parking space for people who come with their car. This is especially important if you’re selling tables, beds of chairs (and save a bit on furniture moving costs).

How much do your items cost?

It can be hard to determine the price of your items. But you have to have them prepared. Be reasonable when pricing the items. Check on eBay and search the internet to see how much a brand new items cost, and how much used items cost. When you determine the price, write it down on a piece of paper and place it on a visible place, where your customers can easily spot it.

Display your goods correctly

When displaying your goods, you should make small groups and place similar items together. This will enable your customers to find easily what they are looking for. Organize tools in one group, kitchen item in other, and so on. Use wardrobe racks to display clothes.

Hopefully, these tips will help you have a successful garage sale.